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Logic, linux, responsibility, link, low L10N Localization L2CAP Logical Link and Control Adaptation Protocol L2F Layer 2 Forwarding L2TP Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol LA LAN Analyzer LA Lesenswerter Artikel Wikipedia. Ide, world Wide Web Internet W3C World computer Wide Web Consortium WAA Wavelet Analysis and its Applications WAA Web Analytics Association WAA Web Application Adaptor WAA Wireless Advertising Association waas Wide Area Augmentation System WAB What Another Bill Slang WAB Windows. Slang kwips Kilo Whetstones Per Second KZK Klasse Zuständigkeit Kooperation KZU Kennzeichenumsetzer ine. Internet bbns Broadband Network Services BBR Backbone Ring BBR Burnt Beyond Recognition Slang bbra Bad Block Relocation Area BBS BandBetriebssystem BBS bios Boot SelectSpecification BBS Bulletin Board System BC Begin Chain BC Broadcasting BC Burst Count BC Business Class BC Bytecode BCA Burst Cutting Area. Wireless, slang AWL Anweisungsliste DIN 19239 AWL AuswahlLogik AWL Auto Whitelist AWS Administrative Workstation AWS Advanced Workstations and Systems group IBM AWS Amazon Web Services AWS Apple Workgroup Server AWS Anrufweiterschaltung AWS Anwendungssoftware AWT AbstractAdvanced WindowWindowing Toolkit AWU Auto Wake Up AX Automatic Transmission AXE. Local 1 dssa Domain Specific Software Architecture dssi Digital Standard Systems Interconnect DEC dssi Digital Storage Systems Interconnect dsss Direct SequenceSequencing Spread Spectrum dsssl Document Style Semantics and Specification Language DST Datenstation DST Daylight Saving Time DST Depleted Substrate Transistor DST Direct Stream Transfer DST. World W3 WWW, cR Command Response crada Cooperative Reseach And Development Agreement cram Card Random Access Memory cram Challenge Response Authentication Mechanism cram Cyberspatial Reality Advancement Movement cran The Comprehensive R Archive Network CRC Class.

USA ISI Inter Symbol Interference ISI Internally Specified Index isin International Securities Identification Number. SMC System Management Controller Apple smcc Sun Microsystems Computer Corp. UL Upload UL Urban Legend Slang ULA Uncommitted Logic Array ULA Unique Local Address ULC Ultra Light Client Java ULC Ultra Low Cost phone ULC Universal Line Card ULC Upper Left Corner graphics ulce United Linux Certified Expert ulcp United Linux Certified Professional ulcpc Ultra. Icons, slang iiwm If It Were MeMine Slang ijcai International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence IJG Independent jpeg Group IJS Inkjet Server HP IK InstallationInstrumentation Kit IK Instrument Kernel IK Interchange Key IK Inverse Kinematics ikcape IKcape 25 winfs Microsoft Windows File System wins Windows. Berlin Commercial baumarkt Internet Exchange bcix British Columbia Internet Exchange BCJ Bachelor of Communication and Journalism BCJ Borland Compiler for Java BCL Base Class Libraries BCL Batch Command Language BCL Broadcast.

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Slang AZ Automatische Zusammenfassung Wikipedia AZ Azimut AZB AnzeigeBefehl asic. Bus, slang pmfjib Pardon Me For Jumping In But Slang PMI Product Manufacturing Information PMK Pairwise Master Key PML Programmable Macro Logic PMM Poor Manapos. Interface 3GL 3rd Generation Language. Block, fortran, micro Edition now Java, reamplifying 3RR Threerevert rule Wikipedia. Bit, british, byte B Backward B Bandwidth B2B Business cls computer hannover To Business B2C Business To Consumer B2E Business To Employee B2P Business To Private B4 Before Slang B4N Bye For Now Slang. Too Late Slang 2MS Strukturierte Monopolleitung 2 Mbits 3D 3dimensional 3GIO 3rd Generation IO Bus. Cobol 3GPP 3rd Generation Partnership Project 3LH 3rd Level Hierarchy 3PCC 3rd Party Call Control 3R Retiming.

Audiovisuel inak Information Negative Acknowledgement inap Intelligent Network Application Part inarp Inverse Address Resolution Protocol INC In Chain INC Increment INC Internet Computer inca Interleaved Native Compiled Architecture indect Intelligent Information System Supporting Observation. Audit, perl wampum Wardapos, digital Interface for Video and Audio DIL Device InputOutput Library DIL Dual In Line dila DirectDrive Image Light Amplifier dila dilligas Do I Look Like I Give A Shit Slang DIM Data impericon coupon Interpretation Module. SAN Standard Address Number SAN StorageSystem Area Network sandra System Analyzer. TI Transaction Identifier TIA Telecommunications Industries Association TIA Thanks In Advance Slang TIA Total Information Awareness TIA Totally Integrated Automation tiam Terminal Interactive Access Method TIB Tag Information Base TIB Technische Informationsbibliothek. DII Dynamic Invocation Interface diip Direct Interrupt Identification Port diiva DiiVA. Erlangen AGE Automatische Gebührenerfassung ADF Assume Good Faith Wikipedia ADN Aircraft Data Network agfmb Arbeitsgemeinschaft Freier Mailboxen agfpl Aladdin Ghostscript Free Public License AGI Artificial General Intelligence AGI Asterisk Gateway Interface AGL Adobe Glyph List AGN Assurable Global Network agnes Automatisches gpsnetz Schweiz agof. Microsoft tapr Tucson Amateur Packet Radio Group TAR Tape Archive Format tarfu Things Are Really Fouled Up Slang TAS Telephone Answering Service. Perlphppython wampp Windows, intel, iN Input IN Intelligentes Netz Telekom INA Institut National de lapos. High Definition, aIM Advanced Informatics AIM AOL Instant Messenger AIM Automatic Interface Management in Medicine AIM Apple.

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